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French Quarter Tours

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French Quarter Tours ⚜️

Our favorite tours in the French Quarter

French Quartour Kids

French Quartour Kids New Orleans French Quarter Kid Tours fun in new orleans

Dumaine St, New Orleans, LA 70116

“Welcome to French Quartour Kids where we invite kids back in time! On our kid-friendly tours of New Orleans, we explore the nooks and crannies of the French Quarter, the tattered documents of the past, and the people and places that shaped this city. This kids’ activity is a hands-on history adventure. Kids get to see, hear, taste, and touch the past!!”

Friends of the Cabildo

Louisiana State Museum Cabildo New Orleans French Quarter Tours fun in new orleans

701 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70116

“Our French Quarter walking tours are conducted by city licensed guides and emphasize the history, architecture, and folklore of this fascinating city. Tour and store proceeds benefit Friends of the Cabildo, a non-profit volunteer group organized in 1956 to provide support for the Louisiana State Museum.” 

Le Monde Creole Tour

Le Monde Creole New Orleans French Quarter Tours fun in new orleans

606 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

“Walk through locked doors and, surrounded by the stillness of secluded, tropical courtyards, step into the mysterious and remarkable lives of generations of Creoles of New-Orleans. Amid patios of profuse and entangled beauty, meet the spectres of those long dead; the European and African branches of this community.” 

Pirates of the Quarter Tours

Pirates of the Quarter New Orleans French Quarter kid Tours fun in new orleans

533 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70130

“This energetic tour is highly entertaining and fun. We are historically accurate and hysterically entertaining. The Captain and his crew are going to tell you what life was really like for a Pirate in New Orleans in the early 1800’s. You’ll hear about the sword fights, the smuggling and the rum. You’ll learn about the pirate’s involvement in the Battle of New Orleans, customs, traditions, more rum and you will find out where the treasure is buried!” 

Royal Carriages

Royal Carriages New Orleans French Quarter Tours fun in new orleans

700 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70116

“What a fun way to explore such an old city! You and your guests are going to love the opportunity to sit back and relax while your carriage driver unfolds 300 years of fun-filled history on your mule-drawn carriage ride. A tour with Royal Carriages covers the storied history of New Orleans, discussing everything from our resilient culture to the aging architecture.” 

Unique NOLA Tours

Unique NOLA Tours New Orleans French Quarter Tours fun in new orleans

768 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

“New Orleans’ French Quarter is a place of majesty and saga, with 300 years of history drenched in stories–both delightful and wicked. On this tour, you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of our city that have shaped this unique area of town. You will experience both the past and our present culture–along the way finding exciting activities to try during your visit!” 

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